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After more than 35 years’ operation, Bundeena and Maianbar’s Shire Library service has been stolen from under our noses.

On May 31 Sutherland Shire Council voted to withdraw the service. There was no consultation with the community, no discussion, no compromise.

It was railroaded through: the ratepayers and library users of Bundeena have been treated as fools.

And this is despite the fact we have a brand-new $750,000 library building near completion that was designed and sited expressly to accommodate our Shire Library service alongside our school service – as it has done for the past 35 years.

Council has come up with plenty of flimsy reasons why this vital service should be canned, but we all know there is just one reason – they want to save a measly $30,000 a year and are happy to rip this vital service from the heart of our community to do it.

Let’s get that in perspective: $30,000 is less than ten per cent of the annual salary of the general manager of Sutherland Shire Council (he earns a handy $314,000 a year).

So what can you do to stop this travesty?

First up, ring and write to your local councillors¬†today, espectfully and politely pointing out that this is not on and that they need to rescind the council decision immediately and consult with our community. We suggest ringing their mobile numbers for a chat. They are our representatives and it’s time they listened to us.

Come along to a special library fun morning and mass sign-on at Bundeena Public Library on Saturday June 5 at 9.45am. We’ll have more details on this in the next day or so but it is vital as many people get there as possible to show their support.¬†

Get to know the facts about your library service and talk to your neighbours and anyone else to let them know what is going on.

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